designation, jQuery Pocket Reference, the image of a rufous-necked weaver bird, and related like this: “From jQuery Pocket Reference by David Flanagan. jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax . JQUERY VISUAL CHEAT SHEET * SELECTORS * CORE * ATTRIBUTES jQuery queue(name). Returns a reference to the first element's queue. (which is .

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HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and. jQuery. Meher Krishna Patel. Created on pdf">Download PDF, DOC or. The core functionality of jQuery centers around this function. elems: (Element| Array): DOM element(s) to be encapsulated by a jQuery object. Returns. jQuery. 1. jQuery Quick API Reference It is a reference for all the versions of jQuery available till now. It is available in three formats: xls, pdf, png.

If you override all the default event listeners you can completely rebuild your layout from scratch. See the installation section on how to add the stylesheet and spritemaps if you want your dropzone to look like the one on this page. I created an example where I made Dropzone look and feel exactly the way jQuery File Uploader does with a few lines of configuration code.

Check it out! Dropzone methods If you want to remove an added file from the dropzone, you can call.

This method also triggers the removedfile event. If you want files that are currently uploading to be canceled, call. This can be useful if you want to display the files and let the user click an accept button to actually upload the file s.

jQuery Selectors

Element A reference to an existing element to add. Array Array of references to elements to add. The add method returns a new matched set that is the union of elements in the original wrapped set and any elements either passed directly as the expression argument, or matched by the selector of the expression argument.

That"s the job of the not method: not expression expression String A selector expression that specifies the DOM elements to be removed from the matched set. Element A reference to an existing element to remove.

Array Array of references to elements to remove. Like add , this method creates and returns a new matched set, except with the elements specified by the expression argument removed. The argument can be a jQuery selector, or references to elements to remove.

Examples Makes all body elements bold, then makes all but elements red.

Avoid a typical beginner"s mistake and never confuse the not method, which will remove elements from the matched set, with the remove method, which will remove the elements in the matched set from the HTML DOM! Finding Descendants Sometimes it"s useful to limit the search for elements to descendants of already identified elements.

The find method does just that: find expression expression String A selector expression that specifies which descendant elements are to be matched.

Unlike the previously examined methods, find only accepts a selector expression as its argument. The elements within the existing matched set will be searched for descendants that match the expression. Any elements in the original matched set that match the selector are not included in the new set.

Filtering Matched Sets When really fine-grained control is required for filtering the elements of a matched set, the filter method comes in handy: filter expression expression String A selector expression that specifies which elements are to be retained. Function A function used to determine if an element should be included in the new set or not.

jQuery Event Methods

This function is passed the zero-based ordinal of the element within the original set, and the function context this is set to the current element.

Returning false as the function result causes the element to not be included in the new set. The filter method can be passed either a selector expression comma-separated if more than one is desired or a function.

When passed a selector, it acts like the inverse of not , retaining elements that match the selector as opposed to excluding them.

Top 50 Cheatsheets and Reference Guides for JavaScript

When passed a function, the function is invoked for each element and decisions that cannot be expressed by selectors can be made regarding the exclusion or inclusion of each element. Slicing and Dicing Matched Sets Rather than matching elements by selector, we may sometimes wish to slice up a matched set based upon the position of the elements within the set. This section introduces two methods that do that for us.

Both of these methods assume zero-based indexing. If omitted, all elements from begin to the end of the set are included. Note that the new set contains just one element: that at position 2.

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CDN is abbreviated as Content Distribution network and it is said to be a group of companies in different location with network containing copies of data files to maximize bandwidth in accessing the data. What are the two types of CDNs? Which sign is used as a shortcut for jQuery?

Is jQuery is a client or server scripting? What is the script build up by jQuery? How can we debug jQuery?

There are two ways to debug jQuery: Debugger keyword Add the debugger to the line from where we have to start debugging and then run Visual Studio in Debug mode with F5 function key. Insert a break point after attaching the process What are all the ways to include jQuery in a page? Following are the ways to include jQuery in a page: Local copy inside script tag Remote copy of jQuery. What is the use of jQuery. Where can we download JQuery? Is jQuery is a replacement of JavaScript?

No, jQuery is not a replacement of JavaScript. What is called chaining?

jQuery Exercises

Chaining is used to connect multiple events and functions in a selector. What are the advantages of jQuery?

Following are the advantages of jQuery: Just a JavaScript enhancement Coding is simple, clear, reusable Removal of writing more complex conditions and loops Yes, we can add more than one document. Dropzone methods If you want to remove an added file from the dropzone, you can call. Yes, we can call C code behind from jQuery.

Each function is used to iterate each and every element of an object. Closing Words jQuery allows you to do more with less code. To make it easy for you, here is a jQuery UI icon cheat sheet.

ID and Element are the fastest selectors in jQuery. It contains brief description and syntax of each element. It tells about the function of each and every jQuery element included. B:first-child Selects all elements from B that are first children.

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