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Modern Indian History notes PDF. Short notes for UPSC, Railways RRB, SSC, Quiz on modern period of India. GK General knowledge. You can download these notes from below mentioned link. These are Indian history handwritten notes in English. These Indian history notes for UPSC PDF will. TAMIL NADU BOOK & Spectrum Book – A Brief Modern History of India Tamil Nadu Medieval Indian History Revision or Short Notes Complete PDF Click Me.

It was presided by Mogliputta Tisa. It is also known as the council of Therivadins. Katthavattu was added to the Abhidhama Patika during this council. However, none of the Ashokan inscription gives us the information about the council.

Fourth Council It was held in Kundalgrama in Kashmir. The president of the council was Vasumitra and the vice president was Ashvagosha. Mahavibhasha, the doctrine of Sravastivadin was written in Sanskrit in copper plate and enclosed in the stone boxes. During this council the two sects of Buddhism i. Hinayana and Mahayana were formed officially The three sects of Buddhism are Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayan Hinayana: Its followers believed in the original teaching of Buddha.

They sought individual salvation through self-discipline and meditation. Followers of this do not believe in idol-worship and historicity of Buddha. This sect treats Lord Buddha as a teacher and not as the God.

The literature of this sect is mainly in Pali. There were two sub sects of Hinayana i. Vaibhasika and Sautantrika.

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Mahayana: Its followers believed in the historicity of Buddha. This sect treated Buddha as God The literature of this sect is compiled in Sanskrit language. China, Korea, Japan, etc. There were two sub sects of Mahayana 1.

Madhyamika or Shunyavada: Founded by Nagarjuna 2. Yogachar or Vijananavada: Founded by Maitreyanath and his disciple Asanga. Vajrayana: Its followers believed that salvation could be best attained by acquiring the magical power i. The sect developed in Tibet The sect believe in worship of female deities The chief divinities of this new sect were the Taras.

Modern Indian History PDF Notes for Competitive exams

It became popular in Eastern India, particularly Bengal and Bihar. His record gives us a chance to take note of the progressions that had occurred in the lives of the Indian individuals since the times of the Guptas.

Similarly Indian artistic expressions have consistently developed more than a huge number of years. In antiquated India, different fine arts like artistic creations, design and model developed.

The historical backdrop of craftsmanship in old India starts with ancient shake artistic creations. Old Indian Geography Ancient History Notes India and its encompassing nations are so comparative in culture and climatic conditions that the area is at times called the Indian sub-landmass.

In old circumstances the geology of India was somewhat not the same as what it is today. Antiquated Government In the start of the Vedic age individuals did not have a settled life and were wanderers but rather with advancement in farming individuals began to settle down in gatherings.

The association was essentially ancestral and the leader of the clan should be the raja or the King, however the idea of King had yet not created.

The underlying foundations of Hindu religion can be followed back to the Vedic period. Hinduism is accepted to be the most established of significant religions and started in northern India.

Early Aryan, or Vedic, culture was the early Hinduism whose association with non-Aryan societies brought about what we call Classical Hinduism. Aryabhatta, the considerable stargazer and researcher, found zero. The number framework was likewise developed in antiquated India.

The Pandyas have been believed to be found five to six centuries before the birth of Christianity as their records of existence have been found in records dating back to as early as BC. The Pandyan Dynasty was revived under Kadungon in the early 6th century who hunted the Kalabhras out of Southern India.

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The Pandyas of the later generations — set their foot in the golden era under the leadership of Maravman Sundara Pandyan and Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan. The Pandyas also invaded and conquered Sri Lanka. From there, they ruled a significantly larger portion of land in the later part of the 9th Century till the beginning of the 13th Century.

Its economic and cultural power was also very notable and resonated in the works of literature of South Asia and South-East Asia.

The successful expedition of the Ganges by Rajendra Chola I was of great significance to the Chola Empire as it sent a very strong signal to the superpowers of the world. Rajaraja Chola flexed his muscle by conquering peninsular South India and annexed parts of Sri Lanka and islands of Maldives.The earliest inscriptional evidence of land grant in India belongs to 1 st century BC was during the reign of Satavahanas The official language of the Satavahanas was Prakrit.

Distinctive Feature 1. This is a handy collection notes to help you study your A Levels. Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and India.

In the fifth century, vast parts of India were joined under Ashoka.

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