Some readers equate fantasy with hobbits and magic wardrobes. Others the collection mulls morality within a group of hired mercenaries in a. Time to meet the best fantasy book series for adults, organized by new, in progress, and completed series. Let's meet some dragons!. How I Put Together a List of Top Fantasy Books. In putting together this . It's collected over half a million ratings on Goodreads! That is a big.

Fantasy Book Collection

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We say: “Ursula Le Guin has a reputation for exploring psychological and sociological themes within her books and this collection is no different. These novels. Let's dig into our list of the top 50 fantasy books for adults below: But a brave collection of passionate characters stand up for their home and their culture. Discworld isn't a traditional fantasy cycle, but more of a fantasy-themed and generally humorous collection of books, short stories.

Enjoy reading our selections listed in alphabetical order by series title , and share your favorites in the comments. The tales cover more than years of rich history across the 10 novels, three sub-series and plenty of short stories that followed. The way time passes so quickly in Narnia vs. Even the great empires of our heroes in one entry are all swept away by the time we reach the next, ultimately showing us many sides of the land of Narnia.

Granted, Thomas Covenant has reasons to be unpleasant: leprosy sucks.

Instead, you root for the Land and against the forces that threaten it. It just so happens that this self-loathing leper seems, inescapably, the best hope to defeat Lord Foul and company.

The Top Fantasy Book on Goodreads

On one hand, the game-based fiction provides an otherwise impossible immersion to such a world. Monsters behind human masks, this is Vicious. When does the next book come out? The Wall of Storms , book two, is out.

The Best Fantasy Novels of All Time

Book three is expected to come out These two rebels are polar opposites. Yet, in the uprising against the emperor, they become the best of friends while fighting armies and shapeshifting gods. But when the emperor is overthrown, they soon find themselves on opposite sides, sides that have different ideas on how the world should be run.

The Girl in the Tower is already out. The Winter of the Witch , book three, comes out Jan. A beautiful written tale, The Bear and the Nightingale tells the story of Vasilisa. Vasilisa lives with her family at the edge of the Russian wilderness. When her mother dies and her father takes a new wife, her life changes unexpectedly.

Our top fantasy book series recommendations

Monsters lurk in the dark, misfortune showers the village, and her stepmother gets harsher and harsher each passing day. When does next book come out? City of Betrayal is out already. A hundred and thirty years have passed since Arathiel last set foot in his home city.

Nothing welcomes him back; not his family, not friendships. He soon finds himself befriending an uncommon trio.

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But an infamous assassination will put one of his new friends in danger and Arathiel will have to step outside his new home and save him. Heroine Complex is an epic series about heroes in San Francisco! Evie Tanaka is best friend and personal assistant of superheroine, Aveda Jupiter. While Evie has too much on her plate for thinking of anything else, she agrees to pose as Aveda after she hurts herself and new things come to light!

Set in modern-day Pakistan, Wahid is someone who can see djinns. She is a Kingmaker.

Therefore she divines the truth through lies. She disguises herself inside a circus, far away from her fate and destiny the Gods have placed in her. But one day Griffin, a warlord, crosses paths with her and he wants her for himself. She has found the mysterious, thought-to-be-lost manuscript hence all the creatures of the underworld want it.

All Souls trilogy is one of the most beautiful stories told. The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman Lyra rushes to the cold North where witch clans and armored bears rule—and where Gobblers take children, including her friend Roger. The Once and Future King by T.

Apprentice by Raymond E. Feist In the Kingdom of Isles, to the forest on the shore comes an orphan, Pug, to study with the magician, Kulgan. Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence Jorg Ancrath, who was once a privileged royal child raised by a loving mother, has become the Prince of Thorns, an immoral boy who leads a band of outlaws. American Gods by Neil Gaiman Featuring a cast of gods who are almost washed up, American Gods tells the tale of power waxing and waning in the modern age.

Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny The one real world, Amber, casts infinite shadow worlds of itself those with royal blood can manipulate.

Rowling What fantasy list would be complete without the Harry Potter series by J. Want to see which novels made our other lists? What are you waiting for?

Waiting for the sequel series

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Dragons, Myths and Magic: 23 Of The Best Fantasy Book Series for Adults

The Best Ever Mystery Novels. World Building: How to Create Gods. Edit with Empathy for Your Reader. Agent Advice Part 1: Developmental Editing.

Great list; I have read quite a few and look forward to reading the ones that I haven't. I would like to add: By jeffbot on 12 March , In addition, a follow on series to Feist's Magician series is one that Janny Wurts wrote that was the other side of the coin from the Magician series.

Eli Monpress by Rachael Aron is a great caper series as well. The Peter Grant series by Ben Aaaronvitch is marketing as Harry Potter grows up to be a cop in London, but that is nowhere near doing it justice. And lastly, I humbly submit to you, David Eddings. The Belgariad and Mallorean the original and it's follow up series are old friends that I re-read every other year.

My buddy and I actually wrote some fan fiction about a missing 48 hours in the 7th book, King of the Murgos. By culer5 on 12 March , Surprised to see Game of Thrones at the top of this list. I read the first book of the series and had no desire to continue reading the rest. George is an excellent writer so no issues there. The problem is the book feels like a soap opera adopted for literary form, and manages to strike a balance between machismo and drama that reels readers in.

But the books feel too much like a well crafted but cheap soap opera to be at the top of a best fantasy list. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks the Game of Thrones isn't the pinnacle of fantasy, as evidenced by multiple, popular insightful negative reviews on Goodreads. By gibby. I can see your perspective on Game of Thrones but the first novel feels like a nice breath of fresh air to many of us readers.

I've always loved fantasy novels, but I always hated the grandiose exposition and shoehorned world-building that most fantasy novels tend to do. And for an adult read, this is one of the few that doesn't aggravate me by forcing me to create a dictionary and a small book of all I've been taught about things that are literal parallels to real life with a revamped cool name instead.

I would be interested to know your novel reads. Most of the previous suggested are ones I both enjoyed and loved at the time, especially Jim Butcher's and the Amulet of Samarkand series, but was blown away by what fantasy novels could be because of GoT.

But out of all Tolkien's work, I've really only enjoyed the Hobbit and most of the Silmarillion, as a preface. By jimbolame on 24 March , The Belgariad might deserve a spot. I wasn't the biggest fan of the plot, but it has good characterisations and is well written. By greenraiden on 29 March , The Belgariad Salvators Book Series with Drizzt is a personal favorite of mine.

It does seem under appreciated in most lists that I look at.In Einarinn, the secret of magic is known only by an elite few. The Inheritance Trilogy by N. This book is about moles and unlike anything you have ever read before.

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