acsm's resources for the personal trainer third edition 3rd ed. p. ; cm. Includes Manual, 4. th. edition ACE Personal Trainer Manual (4 th (ACE IFT. A History of India presents the grand sweep of Indian history from antiquity to the present A History of India, Thi Schaum's Outline of Discrete Mathematics. This third edition of ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer represents a ACSM's Resource Manual for Exercise Testing and Prescription.6th ed.

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Trainer, Fourth Edition and the new ACSM's Resources Personal Trainer negligence and 3rd edition (19) risk of liability • Chapter 2 • Table ACSM APOS S RESOURCES FOR THE PERSONAL TRAINER 3RD EDITION - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book store or. ACSMS RESOURCES FOR PERSONAL TRAINER BY. WALTER R THOMPSON 3RD EDITION. OUTLINES AND HIGHLIGHTS FOR PDF. DOWNLOAD [PDF].

Physical FitnessCase Reports. Physical FitnessExamination Questions. QT However, the authors, editors, and publisher are not responsible for errors or omissions or for any consequences from application of the information in this book and make no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the currency, completeness, or accuracy of the contents of the publication.

Application of this information in a particular situation remains the professional responsibility of the practitioner; the clinical treatments described and recommended may not be considered absolute and universal recommendations. The authors, editors, and publisher have exerted every effort to ensure that drug selection and dosage set forth in this text are in accordance with the current recommendations and practice at the time of publication.

However, in view of ongoing research, changes in government regulations, and the constant flow of information relating to drug therapy and drug reactions, the reader is urged to check the package insert for each drug for any change in indications and dosage and for added warnings and precautions. This is particularly important when the recommended agent is a new or infrequently employed drug.

Some drugs and medical devices presented in this publication have Food and Drug Administration FDA clearance for limited use in restricted research settings. It is the responsibility of the health care provider to ascertain the FDA status of each drug or device planned for use in their clinical practice. To download additional copies of this book, call our customer service department at or fax orders to International customers should call The experience of being certi- The fourth edition was developed strategically into fied by ACSM was one of the great accomplishments three parts for each certification cases for each certifi- of my young career and helped me get my first job cation, a detailed breakdown of the knowledge and skills with Dr.

Noel Nequin at Swedish Covenant Hospital in for each certification, and sample questions that are simi- Chicago. Under Noels guidance and urging, I became lar to those found on each certification examination. One certified as an ACSM program director for Preventive of the more unique features of this edition is the cases, and Rehabilitative Exercise Programs which is no which are organized within the text according to the longer an ACSM certification in At about that domains, a result of the recent job task analysis.

Specialty instructors teach classes requiring specialized training e. The average number of group exercise instructors at each facility surveyed was Hourly rates have declined for both types of instructors, compared with past data. This is true, but certainly not exclusive to the job. Music should only be considered a necessary part of any group exercise class if it has purpose and adds to the class.

For classes such as indoor cycling, music may actually be a necessary part of the class in that it helps the instructor and the participant Many instructors have formal schooling in exercise science, physical education, dance, or related fields.

Prospective instructors often complete courses in anatomy, kinesiology, and exercise physiology to serve as a foundation for their career. Other group instructors advance their learning through the attainment of one or more specialty certifications such as yoga, pilates, or indoor cycling.

Advancing studies and participating in continuing education credits that will assist the GEI are a key to success as exercise styles, trends, and equipment in the group setting change continuously. Staying up-to-date on the latest research and information is vital to success. Moreover, instructors who use an evidenced-based approach to understanding and vetting exercise trends will navigate the onslaught of fads. However, group exercise has evolved to include a variety of styles; essentially, any activity that leads a group through any style of exercise qualifies.

This can include aquatic exercise, boot camp or callisthenic style exercises, walking, stretching, strength training, and just about anything for any group that you can imagine. Encouraging a group of individuals to improve their health and overall well-being through physical activity is the core of this profession. They must possess the ability to motivate and encourage a variety of exercise participants.

GEIs must be able to work independently as well as be part of a team. Group fitness instructors often get started by participating in exercise classes until they are ready to audition as instructors and, if the audition is successful, begin teaching classes. Most employers require instructors to be certified, but some will allow instructors on the job training to work toward becoming certified.

They have elected to combine roles, e. There are many combinations. For many, they simply evolved into a hybrid out of need and for others it is a distinct choice. It is an option that will require additional training and certification but will offer a multitude of possibilities and a flexible schedule 5.

A recognized certification helps to raise the standards within the industry in general and may help your potential clients feel confident regarding your skills as a health fitness professional. Starting your group exercise career with a highly respected certification is an excellent first step. More specifically, member categories include physicians, nurses, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, dietitians, fitness professionals, and physical therapists, as well as many other allied health care professionals with an interest in sports medicine and the exercise sciences.

Founded in , ACSM was the first professional organization to begin offering health and fitness certifications in and continues to deliver the most respected, National Commission for NCCA-accredited certifications within the health and fitness industry. Because of the multidisciplinary nature and diversity of its members, ACSM has evolved into an industry leader in the unique position of creating evidence-based best practices through the original research of its members as well as disseminating this information through its periodicals, meetings, conferences, position stands, consensus statements, and certification workshops.

For the first time, these publications included the consensus from subject matter experts and so provided a framework for the body of knowledge with respect to standards and guidelines for assessing fitness and prescribing exercise. Generally, all professions, regardless of the industry, have a core body of knowledge that provides guidance and clarity and also helps establish a specific ACSM-certified professional scope of practice in that profession.

In addition to a professional resume, preparing a routine on paper see Chapters 3 and 5 and then practicing it aloud in front of a mirror or video camera are good strategies. The candidate can find family and friends who will act as practice participants. Once the candidate has spent enough time practicing to create a class routine, he or she is ready for a job interview.

Most employers will ask candidates to audition for their interview. This can be conducted in a variety of ways. Candidates take turns leading the class. This is sometimes conducted in a round robin style so the interviewer can observe how quickly each candidate can adapt to change.

Candidates will be observed on how to give and take direction both as a leader and follower. The candidate will teach the interviewer or a small group of employees. Sometimes the interviewer will participate in the class and, other times, he or she will simply observe.

The GEI candidate will teach portions of a mock class. This is especially challenging since there are no actual students to direct and the GEI candidate will have to rely on any experiences they have had with actual students. This allows the most natural setting for the candidate and may demonstrate key aspects of leadership such class rapport. The importance of developing rapport and fine-tuning communication skills is addressed in greater detail in Chapter 4.

Sometimes the candidate will be asked to participate in a class to demonstrate movement style and how the candidate interacts with students. Unless the candidate is already employed at the facility, this is not recommended.

If the candidate or a student is injured during the class, both the candidate and the employer are exposed for liability. The employer would be exposed for having a nonemployee teaching and the candidate is exposed for the same reason.

Candidates may also request to see a job description or one may be provided at the time of or prior to the interview. Candidates should ask about the type of interview and dress appropriately Fig. It is acceptable for the candidate to inquire about attire since it varies widely from one organization to another.

Many organizations will frown upon candidates who do not arrive for interviews in business attire. Which of the following medications is designed to ings would characterize hypertension in the adult? A personal trainer fails to spot a client performing C Skiing heavy incline dumbbell presses and the client D Water exercise injures himself when the dumbbell is dropped on his face. Which of the following identify the appro- 2.

Which of the following blood pressure BP read- 3. Uncoordinated gait. Limited flexibility of which of the following muscle symptoms of. Which of the following stages define people having 4. Which of the following terms represents an plete statements in this section is followed by answers imaginary horizontal plane passing through the or by completions of the statement.

In which stage of motivational readiness is a person priate type of negligence displayed in this scenario? Each of the numbered items or incom. A Sagittal 1. Relative proportions of fat and fat-free lean tissue tained between. When using the original Borg scale 6—20 for the D W general public. Which of the following conditions is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density.

B complex. Regular exercise will result in what chronic adapta- tion in cardiac output CO during exercise at the Which of the following water-soluble vitamins must bone porosity and fragility? Rotation of the anterior surface of a bone toward Verbal encouragement. What could be an alternative to the contraindi- same workload?

How many calories are contained in a food bar that the midline of the body is called. At what level is high-density lipoprotein HDL D kcal considered a risk factor in the development of car- Assume analyzed examine.

Studies designed to measure the success of a pro- on a Monark cycle ergometer at 50 revolutions per gram based on some quantifiable data that can be minute RPM at a resistance of 2.

A Discomfort associated with myocardial ischemia D Children with exercise-induced asthma are B Discomfort associated with hypertension often unable to lead active lives. HR can be measured by counting the number of C Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation PNF pulses in a specified time period at one of several D All of the above locations.

Which of the following is NOT true regarding the Failure of a CPT to perform in a generally when taking the carotid pulse? Which of the following components of the exercise D Graded exercise test GXT prescription work inversely with each other? A Intensity and duration When exercise training children.

To maximize safety during a physical fitness B Mode and intensity assessment. To determine program effectiveness. At minimum. Most sedentary people who begin an exercise carotid artery. Which of the following types of muscle stretching of the assessment administrator can cause residual muscle soreness. C Discomfort associated with heartburn D Discomfort associated with papillary necrosis A When the HR is measured by palpation. Which of the following is a special precaution Which of the following risk factors for the develop- ment of CAD has the greatest likelihood of being C If the HR is taken at the carotid artery.

What is angina pectoris? A Evaluation of progress A To inform the client of participation risks. After 30 yr of age. D Mobility of equipment to allow for easy C Optimal environmental conditions are met. The ACSM recommendation for intensity. The ACSM recommends that exercise intensity be prescribed within what percentage of oxygen A Extrinsic reward The informed consent document. C Affordability of equipment to allow for A There is a perceived threat of disease.

Feeling good about being able to perform an operator and the personal trainer activity or skill. A measure of muscular endurance is. Reasons for fitness testing of the older adult A method of strength and power training that develops a minor injury and does not allow time involves an eccentric loading of muscles and for the injury to heal. If a client exercises too much without rest days or An important safety consideration for exercise C A loss of muscle mass caused by a loss of equipment in a fitness center includes.

What is the purpose of agreements. C Diagnosing musculoskeletal injury The information solicited should include which of D Developing appropriate billing categories the following?

A Personal medical history For individuals undertaking nonmedically B Present medical status supervised weight loss initiatives to reduce energy C Medication intake.

D Shorter duration. The ACSM recommends how many repetitions C 12—20 reps A Flexibility. Which of the following is a possible medical B Reinforcement management emergency that a client can experience during C Self-reevaluation an exercise session?

A Stimulus control A Management Identify the appropriate self-directed evaluation time line. In commercial settings.

Fitness assessment is an important aspect of the C Hyperglycemia training program because it provides information D All of the above for which of the following? A Developing the exercise prescription A Decreased HR at rest muscular fitness. Which of the following are changes seen as a result and cardiorespiratory fitness of regular chronic exercise? C Body composition. While assessing the behavioral changes associated B Staff with an exercise program.

Identify the CPT B 8—12 reps recommended order of administration. Which of the following assumes that a person will frequency of exercise adopt appropriate health behaviors if he or she feels C Shorter duration. BP usually increases because of. Modifiable primary risk factors for CAD Which of the following will increase stability? Producing red blood cells. Adults age physiologically at individual rates. Through which valve in the heart does blood flow Many of the major health organizations in the United A Increased arterial compliance and decreased States recommend a minimum of min of phys- arterial stiffness ical activity on most days of the week to achieve sig- B Decreased arterial compliance and increased nificant health benefits and protection from chronic arterial stiffness diseases.

C-reactive B A lower HR protein. Which of the following is considered an abnormal D Shy participant curve of the spine with lateral deviation of the vertebral column in the frontal plane? Which of the following is an example of increasing tissues. Which of the following muscle groups is most as a younger person.

Compared with running.

Special considerations should be given to D Primary curve the older adult when giving a fitness test because: A Age may be accompanied by deconditioning Establishing specific expectations of what you are when moving from the right atrium to the right willing to do as a counselor and staying focused on ventricle?

A Lordosis Therefore. Emergency procedures and safety planning should blood lipids include. The definition of cardiorespiratory fitness is. Which of the following statements about A Maximal assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness confidentiality is NOT correct? What is the most appropriate action in assisting a progressive decline in bone mineral density and person having a seizure? A Hold the person down so that he or she does A Osteoarthritis not hurt himself or herself.

Within a skeletal muscle fiber.. In response to regular resistance training. A The maximal force that a muscle or muscle The primary effects of chronic exercise training on Which of the following is a result of an older D Ignore the person and allow the seizure to pass. Which of the following statements best describes group can generate in a single effort capital budgets? B The coordinated capacity of the heart.

A Overall improvement in the quality of life His father died of a heart C Younger women have greater gains in strength attack at age 62 yr. B No changes in the quality of life but an A Nuclei increase in longevity B Mitochondria C Increased longevity but a loss of bone mass C Myosin D Loss of bone mass with a concomitant increase D Sarcoplasmic reticulum in bone density He has a consistent resting BP than older women. The amount of blood ejected from the heart per A Older men and women demonstrate similar A Stroke volume or even greater strength gains when compared B HR with younger individuals.

A male client is 42 yr old. Based on his or greater strength gains compared with older CAD risk stratification. Which condition is commonly associated with a A transient deficiency of blood flow to the myocar.

The metabolic syndrome includes dyslipidemia. B Increasing venous return should be a priority A The informed consent is not a legal document. D Only A and B of the above. You B 6 lb also notice that he is beginning to use accessory C 11 lb muscles to substitute movements and to compen.

The Health Belief Model assumes that people will dium resulting from an imbalance between oxygen engage in a given behavior. A yr-old. How much weight will she lose involve low resistance in 26 wk?

ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer

B Avoiding activities that involve the Valsalva A 8. A A referred pain from a herniated lumbar disk insulin resistance. B The informed consent does not provide legal C The potential for improving flexibility may be immunity to a facility or individual in the improved during cool-down as compared with event of injury to an individual. From question D 15 lb sate. A 3 lb ation.

A yr-old woman reduced her caloric intake by A Avoiding muscle strengthening exercises that 1. These symptoms may indicate. A Infarction A There is a perceived threat of disease.

See a Problem?

D Between 1 and 2 min are recommended for an inadequate personnel qualifications. A personal trainer should modify exercise sessions that are expressly covered by the informed for participants with hypertension by. C Negligence. Water-exercise classes coenzymes that are necessary for the proper typically should combine the benefits of the functioning of body systems.. Antihyperlipidemics control The frontal plane is represented by an blood lipids. The fatty acids are identified by the to a generally accepted standard or duty.

Activities that will enhance or Water exercise has gained in popularity because maintain musculoskeletal flexibility should CPT the buoyancy properties of water help to reduce be included as a part of a comprehensive the potential for musculoskeletal injury and preventive or rehabilitative exercise program.

Water exercise and disability.

ACSM's Resources for the Group Exercise Instructor

In this regard. To be classified as hypertensive. Movement occurs along these action of adrenergic neurotransmitters at the planes. TG the midsection of the body and dividing it into Dietary fats include TG. In this situation. Macrominerals to exercise without further injury. Antihyperlipidemics Nitrates and nitroglycerine are antianginals 7—C. Transverse used to reduce chest pain associated with The body has three cardinal planes.

Saturated fatty acids only have single bonds. Various Minerals are inorganic substances that perform activities may be offered in a water-exercise various functions in the body. The transverse plane represents an imaginary horizontal plane passing through 4—C. They also are buoyancy properties of water with the resistive found in cell membranes. Many play class. Minerals are considered to be cular strength and endurance may be provided. Preparation doses. Intrinsic 12—B.

This question does not require the use of a meta. The person should be placed that motivate behavior.

ACSM Personal Trainer

Extrinsic or their long axis. Body composition refers to the relative proportions The exercise professional can emphasize that of fat and fat-free lean tissue in the body. It is are as follows: Write down the known values and necessary in the heat and humidity to become convert those values to the appropriate units — acclimated to the environment. Heat loss by convection. Angular movements decrease external rewards are the positive outcomes or increase the joint angle produced by the received from others.

Instruction about avoiding injury. Write down the formula for work rate: Positive consequences are rewards means possible. Increased heart rate at submaximal workload closer together. The four types of angular encouragement and praise or material movements are flexion a movement that reinforcements such as T-shirts and money.

The question asks for watts. Body composition increased demands on time is also important. To a short lapse in activity can be a learning op. Substitute the 10—D. The steps to answering this question unless the workload of activity is reduced. Planning for high-risk. Attempts to Reinforcement is the positive or negative rehydrate. Action known values for the variable name: If these conditions are present. Reinforcement exercise must be stopped. This can include in the supine position with the feet elevated.

Internally rotates the radius rewards are the benefits gained because of the Rotation is a movement of long bones about rewarding nature of the activity. Signs and symptoms is not absorbed. Planning can help free mass. Rotation of the anterior surface of the HR and higher stroke volume compared with bone toward the midline of the body is medial when the person was untrained.

Measuring client satisfaction. Pronation clinicians to be an inevitable consequence of the opposite of supination is the rotation of aging. Every population that has been studied Supination is a specialized rotation of the exhibits a decline in bone mass with aging.

Double knee to chest part of the participant. Medial rotation amount of work and. Outcome studies require quantifiable The low-risk category is asymptomatic and has data that can be analyzed — data that study the one or no major risk factor for CAD.

Squats to 90 degrees adjunct to HR measures. The RPE can be and lateral neck stretches are considered safe used as a reliable barometer of exercise alternative exercises to full squats and full intensity.

Flexion with rotation is participants are incapable of monitoring their considered a contraindicated high-risk exercise pulse accurately or when medications such as and is not recommended. Other 20—B. Although some learning is required on the 25—C. It should be noted. A person success of a program in terms of quantifiable is placed in the moderate-risk category if he or measures e. The RPE is particularly useful when neck rolls.

Osteoporosis refers to a condition that is the forearm that results in the palm of the hand characterized by a decrease in bone mass and being directed backward posteriorly. Outcomes risk factors contribute to the development of Outcomes are designed to measure the success CAD but are not primary risk factors. A person in the high-risk category is someone length of time for change to occur. Osteoporosis away from the midline is lateral rotation.

They serve as antioxidants as well 31—D. Contact exercise regularly have a more positive attitude information for the nearest hospital emergency toward their work and generally are in better room may be included in the emergency plan. Angina-like symptoms often are programs for children and adolescents should felt in the chest area. If the HR is taken at the carotid artery. Strength training in youth Psychological theories are the foundation carries no greater risk of injury than compa- for effective use of strategies and techniques rable strength training programs in adults if of effective counseling and motivational proper instruction.

Psychological theories facilitate evaluation of 34—D. Emergency plans should Older people who exercise regularly report include written. Theories provide a conceptual exercise-induced asthma often are physically framework for development.

The PAR-Q is a in citrus fruits. A GXT sprouts. Regularly scheduled practices of responses to metabolic pathways. Stimulate appetite should take place. Exercise nary arteries. From on a regular basis. Vitamins C and B complex are can lead to identification of those individuals CPT water-soluble vitamins. Children who have maintenance. All of the above as coenzymes in carbohydrate metabolism. Increasing the HR of training intensity more 28—A.

Within the field of behavioral Exercise has no effect on age and family change. Vitamins B complex and C 30—A. Water-soluble vitamins are found also can be developed. Hypertension program effectiveness. Application of cognitive-behavioral or lead to adoption of a physically active lifestyle motivational principles in the long term.

Using the thumb and self-esteem older adults improve their to count the carotid pulse may result in an inac- score on self-concept questionnaires following curate count. PNF stretching alternates contraction and relaxation of both 42—A.

In general. If these heart. Fitness professionals have 20—60 min. Extrinsic or risk of injury exists and it has been shown to external rewards are the positive outcomes be effective. Flexibility of equipment to allow for different agonist and antagonist muscle groups. Positive consequences are rewards recommended approach to stretching.

Efficiency responsibilities are not followed. You must evaluate a Legal concerns can develop with the number of criteria when selecting equipment. Negligence is the failure to perform on the level of a generally 43—A. Intensity and duration support to help them establish a regular Intensity and duration of exercise must be exercise habit and be able to maintain it.

Exercise has no direct effect initiate exercise programs and. Regular endurance exercise does 39—D. All of the above Similar improvements in aerobic fitness may be Fitness testing is conducted in older adults realized if a person exercises at a low intensity for the same reasons as in younger adults.

A tort law is durability. Ballistic stretching uses repetitive received from others. In developing and operating the potential for injury exists when the partner.

Legal issues abound for fitness professionals cardiovascular. Minimal rewarding nature of the activity. PNF 41—B.

The 38—C. It that motivate behavior. This can include involves slowly stretching a muscle to the both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Intrinsic point of individual discomfort and holding rewards are the benefits gained because of the that position for a period of 10—30 s.

Intrinsic reward Three different stretching techniques typically Reinforcement is the positive or negative are practiced and have associated risks and consequence for performing or not performing benefits. This body sizes. Negligence equipment to be used not only includes testing. Static stretching is the most commonly a behavior. These movements can produce residual reinforcements such as T-shirts and money.

Manager or director the responsibility to do everything possible The characteristics of a good manager or to ensure the safety of the client.

There is a perceived threat of heart disease. A limitations associated with informed consent good manager monitors the safety of the pro. This model also incorpo- training that involves an eccentric loading of rates cues to action as critical to adopting and muscles and tendons followed immediately maintaining behavior.

He or personnel qualifications. The exercise prescription can by both the loss of muscle fibers and the be altered for different populations to achieve atrophy of the remaining fibers. The consent form priate for select athletic or performance needs. Most well- 49—C. This stretch-shortening cycle may allow an Motivation and environmental considerations enhanced generation of force during the are not a part of the Health Belief Model.

To inform the client of participation risks. Plyometrics belief of susceptibility to disease and the threat Plyometrics is a method of strength and power of disease is severe. It simply provides evidence that tal injury. If signed in time with the cadence. Provides an explanation of the test to the client controlled studies have shown no significant Informed consent is not a legal document. Number of curl-ups in 1 min 46—A. The concept of self- by an explosive concentric contraction.. The loss and mode or type of exercise.

Plyometrics should not be considered the client was made aware of the purposes.

ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer

Because of the who also downloads equipment and supplies. By 80 yr of age. The explosive nature of this type of a client nor does it legally protect the rights activity may increase the risk for musculoskele- of the client. He or she is a good communicator covered by informed consent.

A loss of muscle mass caused by a loss of ups completed without a pause by the client. All fitness facilities are strongly held rigid and supported by the hands and toes encouraged to have program or service for men and the hands and knees for women.

Developing the exercise prescription intensity objectively. A client exercises too much with. Stroke volume increases at rest client performs slow.

The Health Belief Model is a theoretical frame- 54—D. HRrest behavior. A second piece of tape is placed cm tone. OR set a metronome to 50 bpm and the sinoatrial node. All of the above work to help explain and predict interven- The effects of regular chronic exercise can tions to increase physical activity. Self-reevaluation 51—A.

OR the client performs as many by the increase in stroke volume. An overuse injury Key components of the Transtheoretical Model Overuse injuries become more common when are the processes of behavioral change. Progress toward include age. Because of the variability in evaluate the rate of progress baseline and estimating HRmax from age. These people participate in more cardiovascular exer.

Factors to consider when ments provide information needed to develop determining appropriate exercise intensity reasonable. Health Belief Model consecutive days per week. The ACSM recom. Little or no change occurs in CO at rest.

Learning theories assume that exercise. The model be classified or grouped into those that occur originated in the s based on work by at rest. The tricuspid valve is so named tension or shock.

Assessing cardiorespiratory fitness marketing plans only address subsegments often uses measures of HR. The E-ECG frequency of exercise would involve continuous electrical heart The number of times per day or per week that monitoring during exercise stress test used in a a person exercises is interrelated with both the clinical setting when deemed appropriate by a intensity and the duration of activity.

The bicuspid valve is a similar valve. Tricuspid valve staff all are included in the implementation of Blood from the peripheral anatomy flows to an emergency plan. The bones of 61—D. The MMPI is a psycho. Individual goals. All of the above right atrium.

The RPE-Borg scale is used to tions both prescription and over-the-counter. PAR-Q medical history should be taken. From the 62—D. In addition. Some 65—B. The PAR-Q is a screening tool for self-directed present medical status should be examined and exercise programming. Strategic plan methods of body composition assessment are The strategic plan addresses strategic decisions sensitive to hydration status and some tests of the organization in defining short-and of cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness long-term goals and serves as the overarching may affect hydration.

Shorter duration. Health and fitness programs. Some tests of mus- within the overall strategic plan. The will assure the best care for the individual. Body composition. Blood for various purposes.. Bones respiratory fitness testing. Blood cells are training. All of the above having only two cusps. CPT measure or to rate perceived exertion during 64—C. Management and staff the skeletal system provide structural support When an emergency or injury occurs.

To get the best and most accurate information. Increase in resting CO The primary nonmodifiable risk factors for At rest. Quadriceps older adults a prolonged warm-up. To ensure that the toe does 75—A. Lordosis is an abnormal. Needy participant column. Age may be accompanied by deconditioning not catch the walking surface.

It is important by moving the center of gravity closer to the to remember that the exercise professional is center of the base of support. Scoliosis is an the way to attaining the long-term goal.CAD are advance age.

Knowledge of the use of medi. Emily Lupash Managing Editor: Recommendations for each participant should be based on the results of the screening tools.

Extrinsic or their long axis. Outcome studies require quantifiable The low-risk category is asymptomatic and has data that can be analyzed — data that study the one or no major risk factor for CAD.

Exercise Counseling and Behavioral Strategies To inform the client of participation risks. III 1.

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