Download epf form here like EPF Registration form, epf withdrawal form 19, pf transfer pf transfer form and others important forms download here in pdf format . FORM NO. – 19 (PF FINAL SETTLEMENT)/10C (PENSION WITHDRAWAL BENEFITS)/31 (PF NON-REFUNDABLE ADVANCE)]. 1. ाािा विसके वभए. In the matter of Introduction of Composite Claim Forms (Aadhar and Non-Aadhar) to 19, 10C & 31 with a view to simplify the submission of.

Form 19 And 10c Pdf

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In certain browsers, the claims form 19 & 10C will be indicated separately and Online Claim Submission process completed & PDF Generated By PF Portal. Hi Rajesh, Find enclosed the FORM 19 and 10 C.. Even you may upload it from the link given below.. Regards, Amit Seth. 25th. If you meet any of the above conditions, kindly send your following duly filled forms (Form 19 & 10C). Form Provident Fund. 1) Name of the Member.

Step 9 — You may have to submit scanned documents depending on the purpose for which you have filled the form. Step 10 — Your employer has to approve your withdrawal request after which the money will be withdrawn from your EPF account and deposited in the bank account mentioned at the time of filling the withdrawal form. Check Now. Once the claim is processed, the amount will be transferred into your bank account.

The money usually gets credited within days, although no formal time limit has been provided by the EPFO. Also Read: EPF Form EPF Forms: A member can withdraw a part of his EPF corpus to meet emergency requirements during the employment period by filling the Form If you are withdrawing on the ground of unemployment , you have to fill Form The purpose for withdrawal has to be mentioned in the form.

Reasons for withdrawal can be medical reasons, wedding, higher education, etc. Also read: This form is filled to withdraw the entire accumulated PF amount at the time of retirement. You need to fill your personal details and employment details such as your date of leaving, the reason of leaving services, date of joining services, PAN, UAN and Aadhaar Number, bank account details, full postal address, etc.

Reasons for withdrawal can be medical reasons, wedding, higher education, etc. You need to fill your personal details and employment details such as your date of leaving, the reason of leaving services, date of joining services, PAN, UAN and Aadhaar Number, bank account details, full postal address, etc.

Thus if you are withdrawing your PF on the ground of unemployment you have to fill Form 31 and Form 10 C. The fields in this form are similar to that in Form So if you want to withdraw both the PF and pension amounts, you will have to fill the two forms separately. The member has to first activate his UAN and then login to the portal for online withdrawal.

I can withdraw only PF advance. How can i withdraw my prvious company PF as whole. How much time it will take to get the settlement of claim as i have raised the claim on I want to know how can I withdraw my PF. I was working 4 years back in company since then I am not working anywhere. The company is closed. However, I have the details of my PF number. Can I withdraw my PF in the following cases a My surname is changed after marriage.

Can I visit the regional office in chandigarh as it is nearby for the updation. Divya-You can withdraw without an employer. Else visit the concerned EPFO and submit the forms. I have more than 50K amount is in passbook, can I withdraw this through online portal. Because I already updated all details in EPFO portal also verified by employer but while trying to raise claim I can see the error site is under maintenance. I want to withdraw ASAP.

Please advise. Both date of joining and date of exit available. Form 19 and 10c seperately. So if we applied pf withdraw 1st. I left my job on But at the time of withdrawing my pf online. I am not getting the option of PF Full Withdrawal. Kindly Suggest. Dear sir, Good aftn sir. Am having 2yrs pf account in Chennai based company and then I resigned and I joined in Hyderabad based company in that am having 4 months pf account I resigned job.

I merged through same UAN no. While checking for withdrawal date of exit is not available. I asked my 2nd company HR asked me to send forms. So my doubt is I want to send forms to both the companies or else only 2nd company.

If he mentioned date of exit. Am I possible to claim all the amount or else only second company pf money alone. It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason s: If you have a copy of joint declaration please provide us to correct your name along with aadhar, pan etc. Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.

Please quote the same in your future correspondence. Shilpi-Then approach your employer and create a joint declaration for name change and let employer send it to EPFO. I was unemployed since more than a year. I have worked in two companies. I am having two UAN number. How to close my PF and withdraw my PF amount from the first company. I am confused as How to proceed. How to claim my pf final settlement I am 9 years working in same company. Employee Share — 41, Imran-You want an advance, withdrawal or transfer?

Actually I am applying for the advance without my Employer, I am not in job but company have relieved me yet. Waiting for KYC approve. So it ll automatically approved r else I want to send any mail to my old company to. So kindly do me favor regarding this. Thank you. Hello sir another doubt. Hello sir my bank details updated. But I applied for that form 30 sir. For advance. Once my employer approved date of ending shall I get my remaining amount? Totally got confused sir. Pls help me.

Sir i am resigned my job on sep Joined another company on 1 st October i have submitted my UAN to my new company but but the have not continue the UAN newly created another UAN i have noticed now only so i have to close the old pf I show my pass book my contribution rs: I have updated my bank account number with ifsc in https: Please suggest me- Is there any option to update bank account details without Employer involvement for online pf withdrawal. Sir , mere father ki death hue 6 months ho chuke h Jo ki ek company me Kam krte the unki Umar 62 year thi kya m unke pf k liye apply kr skta hu or kya unki edli k pse BHI mile ge or death case me apply k liye kya documents lagenge.

Would you be kind enough to guide me? I want to withdraw the full amount of my PF. Ripul-Hard to say of what went wrong. Dear sir, my employer is not co operate for enter the date of exit at my uan portal so sir how I can withdrawal my pf.

IS it ok if adhar and bank details verified by employer and date of exit not updated can I submit the form in epf office directly. I want to withdraw partially online. But OTP is not created as it says mobile not verified. My mobile no is already registered. So what does it mean? Please guide.

Supriya-I think it is some technical glitch. Hi sir, I have joined my current company in Dec 4th, but left my previous job in Dec 6th , because i was having leave balances.. Pls advice me. Can I ask my employer to update the daye before Dec 4th.

Please help. I did create the grievance but they ask for some bank latter attestation for the company closer and ask to send them psychically. I want to know that if i want t withdraw my PF amount and unable to approach my previous employer and also bank account is not approved by him.

Thanks a ton Basu. Hi Basu, My employment with Employer A was terminated due to business reasons beyond my control on March On this date my PF is falling short of 1 month to complete 5 years of continuous service. Thanks Basu. For Question 3 you mean although my PF with Employer A is falling short of 1 month of continuous service of 5 years, if I withdraw it after 2 months from my last working day with Employer A, the PF will be non taxable.

OK Thanks. Just one more question Basu. A In this case, Can I still withdraw PF from Employer A after 2 months of my last day with Employer A taking into account that my PF with Employer A was falling short of 1 month for continuous service of 5 years and my employment was terminated by Employer A due to business reasons beyond my control. So in summary — My PF with Employer A who has terminated my employment although falling short of 1 month for 5 year continuous service can be withdrawn after 2 months from last working day March.

Do you think even in that case I will be able to withdraw full PF from Employer A after 2 months from last working day with Employer A and will it be still non taxable.

Hi Basu, Thanks for all your guidance so far. Just quick question before I proceed with my PF withdrawal. As mentioned earlier, my Company B had terminated my employment and at the end of my last day I am falling short of 1 month for 5 year continuous employment. B As the company B has stopped contributing to my PF post my last working day. Would that be a better option? I had worked with Company A and then joined Company B.

My employment in Company B was terminated due to business reasons beyond my reach. However, my continuous service of Company A and Company B is falling short of 1 month to complete 5 years of continuous service. I have moved further and keyed in other details such as residential address and got the OTP generated via Aadhaar to confirm the claim.

However, I had not proceed further because I do not know how the Tax will be deducted. Hope this understanding is correct. Hope this understanding too is correct. I am not able to see any option on the online procedure to mention that my employment in Company B was terminated due to business reasons beyond my reach as we see on the manual form.

In this case, how PF authority will understand that that my employment was terminated? My account is set on EPFO site. I had worked with company A starting April and left it on Feb I had joined new Company B on Feb I was about to complete my 5 years of continuous service by April but my service got terminated in Jan and my last working day with Company B is March I am falling short of 1 month to complete my 5 years of continuous service.

My questions are as follows, a Can I withdraw my full PF after my Last Working Day of March even I am falling short of 1 month to complete my 5 years of continuous service. NP-a YES. Gunjan-You are not allowed to withdraw. Instead, you have to transfer all past accounts to current one.

EPF New Composite Claim Forms for Full and Partial Withdrawal Aadhar and Non Aadhar based

Under present employer member id Claim type: Just now my previous employer have confirmed that the transfer out has been processed from their end. Transfer to account is my present member id. While going for online withdrawal. I am seeing below options for claim processing. My total amount is over inc EPS. Now I have some questions: What if I go for option A and after this financial year ends.

Can I withdraw EPS amount again as online. Although my KYC has been done by employer already. Ajay-If your EPF account is less than 5 years, then it will be taxable for you. If you are still in job, then you will not able to withdraw.

Dear Sir, I left company A Trust based in The amount got credited in my account in two transactions. About 2nd transaction, i am not sure ,may comprise of EPS of company B and interest. I thought that i have got all my EPF and EPS,but recently i recalculated and found that i should have received around but received only including interest may be. This gap of around ,i have not received. Also, do remember one thing that your EPS will never earn a single rupee of return.

They just keep that amount with them. I want to withdraw the PF due to medical reasons at family. I am still working in the same company and no plans of leaving the current job.

I have completed 5yrs in same company. Please let know how to proceed further and how much maximum amount I can withdraw and do I need to have any supporting documents Below are my details: I left my previous job in Oct and had not withdrawn my PF due to some name mismatch in UAN which is corrected now. I am jobless and want to withdraw my full PF.

Can I withdraw full amount. If tax do get deducted and I being jobless with no major source income. Can I ask for refund while filing ITR as someone suggested to me. Also my KYC updation has been done by employer. Kapil-You can do so. But better to use speed post to retain the proof of your sending. Hard to say but usually, the time taken to settle will be around days.

Sir, One very last thing. I want do go for the full withdrawals. I read it somewhere might be on your blog that a single form will do, but I am not sure. Sir on my UAN the date of Exit not entered by employer. So sir can I apply offline to withdrawal the pf, kyc all documents varified by employers. Rukhsar-If you know old UAN, then share the same with your employer. Else, let them create the new one. Dear sir, my problem is that I am left the job before 1 year and I want to withdrawal my pf online each and every documents varified by employers but date of Exit is not shown when I am applying for online pf withdrawal , so sir how I can update my date of exit online without employers signature,, pls suggests me,, thanks.

But it almost taken 1 year. And employer is not mentioned the date of exit yet. So any other way to mentioned the date of exit?

For this I make a online claim but there is showing only PF Advance Tab form 31 in Database , but here i want full settlement on this…. Dear sir. My previous company is gujrat. Can i withdrawl in my local kolkata or siliguru epfo office ofline method. Can i do it. I have leave company 2 month later But online aadhar update but bank and pan not aproved.

Can i withdraw ani epf office in kolkata and siliguri. Pls sujest me. I have signed pf form from the company but my name is not correct in UAN portal.

Now company is not signing the name correction form due to some pending dues. Is this work. I have received a massage as my name modification approved by company and pending verification from PF office. Can i submit my Signed PF form. I retired on attaining the age of 60 two years ago. Heard that one can get a higher pension by surrendering a part of the balance. Can anybody guide me in the formalities and forms.

I am also not receiving any pension till now. Suresh-It is recent judgement of Supreme Court which made it for eligibility of higher pension but you have to contribute to get it a higher pension. Whether it is viable or not for you depends on you. Hence, please be in touch with nearest EPFO.

I left my job in July after working for 6 years. In august I moved to abroad for higher studies. Is there a way , I can withdraw my PF by submitting my forms as mentioned above in your blog by scanning and sending it to India via a relative to EPF office.

Anand-If online not possible due to OTP issue, then you have to submit request personally not through scanned images. I have to withdraw my pf without employer signature, as employer is not cooperating.

Download EPF Withdrawal Forms

I have a few queries regarding the same: The employer is not helping me verify the same. Can i withdraw pf by visiting directly epfo office? Or would it not be possible without verifying my aadhar and PAN?

I read in your blog that aadhar and PAN must be verified but employer is not helping. So i dont know if visiting pf office will also be helpful. I have completed 6 years of service and not working currently. Its been 2. Once it is done, then apply for withdrawal. I have left a company after working for 4. So, how do i avoid this deduction. Rajesh-Do you think avoiding TDS means avoiding tax? It is still taxable income in your case and you have to pay tax on this income.

What are the forms to submit? One of the company member id is UAN linked and the other is not. I had applied for PF withdrawal through my previous employer. My previous employer suggested that I can withdraw the PF only after 2 months. Hence I submitted all the forms to them and joined another company. After 2 months, my previous employer submitted all the necessary documents to EPF office and sent me the acknowledgement receipt.

In my new company, I had given the same UAN number and there been a separate member Id created for the new company and for the past 2 months PF amount had been deposited to that account. Now, I came to know that we can only transfer if I joined another company. I would like to know what will happen to my PF withdrawal request. Will there be any fine or my request will be rejected?

Else, you have to use offline method. I am unable to withdraw my PF now even after 1 year of being out of work. I tried to withdraw offline but the previous employer is not helping, What should I do? Still I am getting the error message Is there anything else I need to do?

Some Points to know for PF withdrawal

Complete waste system. I regret my decision to have a PF account when I had the option to not have one. I have decided I will never invest in anything where it is completely government. My previous company is also not helping me is withdrawing the PF. Is there any other way that I can escalate my grievance? Or a formal police complaint is the only way left. And Status and remark says as claim is settled and payment sent via NEFT on 4 December but still amount is not credited in my bank account.

Please help me out this sir. Hii sir I am Pushpendra and i worked at Hyderabad and now I am in Delhi my pf account did not contained bank details and pan details only Aadhaar is linked. Can I withdraw my pf amount without employer signature from Delhi pf office but I worked in Hyderabad.

To avail the Online withdrawal service It is now asking to update the bank details through the employer. I worked in a company and left the job. Now I am working in other company. I have 1 One UAN number with 2 epf account linked. Old one not seeded with Adhar. Please suggest, Is it the right Process? How much amount do I get? I worked with a company for 2 years and had to leave the job due to personal reasons without serving the notice period.

Nutan-You still can withdraw without employer help but by submitting the forms manually. Be in touch with EPFO office of the concerned. Preciously i am worked from 3 years. In company. But due personal reasons I have not serve the notice period.

But they are not process my PF withdrawal process. Now what i do. How to i have apply for the my withdrawal. Kindly share it.. I have not able link my aadhaar from pf account.

My employer has not support to me. At that time error showing in uan and aadhaar name mismatch. Now what I do… Please help me.

You have update my aadhaar number from EPF Account. I am Mohammad Amzad currently working in Delhi and my previous company was in Chandigarh where i work for around 3 years. But till now it is in pending stage since last 3 months, i also contacted him but he is unfortunately delaying the process. Currently I am not working. I am extremely disappointed since last three months trying to get it done hassle free.

PF Withdrawal Form – Download Form 19, 10C, 31, 15H, 16 & Others

Kindly assis!! Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding. I am about to complete 10 years of service in a single company and wish to withdraw pf partially to be able to close a home loan with SBI. Online it does not have an option for repaying home loan just construction. Naweed-You can withdraw the money for new property download or for EMI purpose but not to prepay the home loan. As per epfindia web site one can take advance against housing loan, please check Para 68bb in the first link.

Thanks a ton for your values time. Thank you for the response again. I did have a look at the post you shared, it does explain to a great extent. Honestly I am looking to close the home loan entirely in order to be debt free and after completing 10 years of service within a few months my PF balance would be equivalent to the pending home loan amount.

This would be ideal for my case. Naweed-In my view, repayment works only for EMI but not for lumpsum repayment towards principal.

You can cross the same with EPFO before arriving at any conclusion. Can you please suggest me if it is possible to withdraw my PF balance without going through my previous employer which will be long process, most importantly i will not be staying in India for that long. Firstly, great to see you helping people out here. So my concern is that my previous employer with my first UAN account, which I want to withdraw from is not contactable.

My Aadhar is not linked to it. Nirdesh-To withdraw without previous employer help, you have to be KYC complied. Hence, complete Aadhaar linking process using offline method. I worked 6 months with my previous company, due to personal reasons, I was not able to serve my notice period.

Even my kyc is not verified by employer and bank details also not yet attested, when I check with employer , they are asking 2 mo the salary to fulfill this process. But the amount is more than my PF amount. Could you please guide me what exactly I need to be work on this to get my PF amount??

Pleas sir, help me on this. As in my case…. However, it is simple process and by referring online information you can file it. I have already send all name correction letter to PF office a month ago. Due to this my EKYC verification pending. Can you Plz suggest how long it ll take PF office to rectify it? Is this going to affect if i apply for settlement offline also? Biswaranjan-I am not sure about the time they take. Offline may go smoothly. But it is always best to rectify the faults at the earliest before going for settlement.

Recently we have clime the PF Advance Form How to Pay?. As i have left my job 4 months back and prev employer is not approving my Aadhar on KYC. Will it go thru? I have got only the employee share.. I claimed my partial withdrawal and it was processed successfully thru UAN portal. I wanted help from my company to withdraw the PF amount but they said that I have to Pay the Full and Final amount which is way more than the total PF amount accumulated, then only I can withdraw my PF amount.

Is it true? I have left my company and joined new one in Dec and joined another with different PF account number. How shall I do this. If there are already multiple EPF accounts, then request for combine.

Now i dont know how to get back money in old UAN. Please guide me. UAN online help desk not working , Help line not working. Grievance cell does not know how online UAN works. Grievance cell response: Online application not received in this office, Contact employer for Approval for you claim.

Venkatesh-First check with your employer and confirm whether it is really processed or not. My employer is using below url https: Velmurugan-Using the Composite forms you can withdraw.

Please guide???? I am left the my company on 18th of this month. Hello sir, I am R. Kannan retired employee from co operative Milk union. My employer refused to sign epf withdrawal and epf pension forms. Saurabh-As per the message, it means that your date of joining is not updated by your employer.

Contact them and let them update the same. I have already left that company. But the status is not updated. Have sent compliant to grievance cell, They have sent a response. Employer has to approve form his DSC. In Employer login my application does not exists. Venkatesh-Raise this issue again stating that employer unable to view the request and also employer approval not required.

My previous company by mistaken feed the wrong name in PF account details. I am submitting the joint declaration form in EPFO to correct the same.

My wife worked in CTS during and left the job for marriage. Now we want to withdraw the PF amount from that PF account. We are able to register in UAN and view the passbook information.

Any idea how to proceed in this? One more query — The bank account which was provided in the old PF account is now inactive.

I added an active savings account to that. Is it possible to claim our PF amount into that newly added bank account. Thanks Basavaraj for your response. Madam, please upload your Aadhar details to your UAN and get it approve by your employer and then submit composite claim form aadhar by enclosing cancelled cheque leaf and non-employment certificate for withdrawal.

So now we have to take action item as mentioned above? I heard that if aadhar is seeded in our UAN account we can apply for online claim without employer assistance. Is that possible?

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I have small concern my KYC is updated after i left my job its been 1 year but only date of joining and leaving was not updated so can i claim my PF without employer sign.

Already i have sent those documents to EPFO its been delivered also but still the status is showing old. KYC is approved only the Dates of joining and leaving is not approved in my portal.

I have joined new company and they created the new uan Account.. Cani withdraw the old PF amount from my previous organizantion? This is regarding PF withdrawal.

I left my previous company two years back and the allocated region for PF in that company was in Delhi. I have updated the Adhar details and will ask the employer to verify it. I have Two questions:. Ramesh-Not aware of what went wrong. I live in Pune and worked with a firm here for 8 years.

Thereafter i moved to a different company in Hyderabad, but quit in 2 months. Presently i am self-employed and would like to withdraw my PF amount.Are you currently employed and contributing to EPF scheme again? I have all my KYC verified Aadhar and the bank a ccount has been linked to Aadhar and my bank details are also verified by employer. Dear sir, I already discussed with you sir. So please Sir clarifies my all queries. For this I make a online claim but there is showing only PF Advance Tab form 31 in Database , but here i want full settlement on this….

Dear yashdeep.. Yes, name should be there.

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