After achieving the necessary academic qualifications, Tony Bushby, an Australian, became a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur very early in his. Bible Fraud-Part 1 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Bushby Tony - The Forged Origins of the New Testament. Shop our inventory for The Bible Fraud: An Untold Story of Jesus Christ by Tony Bushby with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!.

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Mystery and intrigue surround the church web of deceit, corruption, murder and debauchery. In THE BIBLE FRAUD, you will find the truth about Rabbi Jesus and . Booktopia has Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby. download a discounted Paperback of Bible Fraud online from Australia's leading online bookstore. The Bible Fraud: An Untold Story of Jesus Christ: Tony Bushby: The Illusion of God's Presence (eBook) Atheist, Religious Experience.

The so-called mystery was invented by a local restaurant owner in the s to attract tourists.

The name of the Pharisees comes from the word perushim, which means separatists. Of course there are no other references to this "School of Infidels" or this Antigonus online, expect from those copying Bushby.

The Essenes are connected with the Druids of Gaul []. Even if the quote from Julian is correct [57] it has the facts mangled; Paul, Matthew and Mark all equate Jesus with divine Wisdom.

Bushby claims he made clergy "squirm" by asking about where Jesus was called a glutton and a drunkard. Such names were simply stock rhetoric of the time; just as the the Pharisees were not actually vipers and hypocrites, and also whitewashed walls [64].

The Gauls are the same people as those who lived in Galilee [75]. A microcosm is offered of Remsberg's list [87].

Bushby repeats an Anglo-Israelist argument I last saw used by Herbert Armstrong [99] that "British" combines the two Hebrew words for covenant berit and man ish. More serious sources connect the name to that of a tribe of Picts, the Pritani. Paul [] at one point had to flee to Wales and there was protected. One source for this information is "an ancient manuscript in Merton College". Bushby uses the "Bacchus on the cross" gem of Freke and Gandy [] -- yes, the one that's a forgery -- as well as offering all the usual copycat candidates Mithra, Attis, etc.

I really see no need to say more.

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The ideas Bushby propounds lend little credence to the rest of what he writes, though of course anyone who wishes to have me look into specific claims made by Bushby is welcome to request that I do so. Someone else critiques Bushby here.

I picked up in the book that the mother of Jesus was in fact part of the nobility. In the oldest Gospel, she is written down with the name as Mariamne. Now, Mariamne was the granddaughter of King Herod.

In fact, she was his favorite granddaughter and she was of bloodline. He was Tiberius who was the adopted son of Emperor Augustus. Mariamne bore the twins and they were hidden away for a while in the House of Augustus. They were both quite clearly of royal blood and we see in the Gospels itself where Jesus is called King over thirty times yet records of history never record Jesus as being King.

We found an old record in our research that those twin boys were actually brought up in the House of Augustus. That was quite correct in the traditions of the day. PL: You are saying these two boys… one was a man of the cloth, a Rabbi and the other was a bit of a lad, was he? TB: One was a bit of a lad. One was esoteric. He adopted a spiritual understanding and belief and he became the Rabbi. The other fellow was exoteric. He became a very earthly man and he was the one who ordered his followers to download swords.

Bible Fraud-Part 1

They were drinking men and they were pretty wild boys. So these two boys went their own ways. One became responsible indirectly for the King James Bible and the other became responsibly indirectly for the Roman Catholic Bible. One went east and one went west and this is where we get the two variations in the Bibles used in churches today. PL: This is fascinating stuff. It is all revealed there in the book. I can talk about this for a long time with you Tony. TB: OK, right. PL: Are you happy about that?

TB: Yes. PL: Great stuff. Well, in the book, the death of Jesus is not as we have been led to believe either. Is that what you are saying in the book? The two boys had their own lives. The wild, fighting man, Judas the Twin… he was actually arrested. He marched on Rome with a large group of warriors. He went to see his father, who was then the Emperor Tiberius and he wanted his royal right to be the Emperor of Rome. He was actually betrayed by Judas Iscariot, who was an infiltrator from the Roman army.

Judas the Twin was captured and charged. He was the one to be crucified because he had marched on Rome and he had been caught and this was seen as an overthrow so he was to be crucified. Because of his royal birthright… he was first born… he had the right to order a substitute to take his punishment. This is a very ancient tradition that goes way, way back to the Egyptian times where a royal person could order a substitute to take the punishment.

So a person called Simon of Cyrene… we read about him in the Gospels… he was pulled in off the street. PL: He picked up the cross. He was punished. He was the one crucified. PL: He was the one crucified, was he? He was crucified in place of Judas the Twin. Now, because Judas the Twin had given up his birthright by saving his own life, he was then sold into slavery.

He was shipped off to India and there is a tomb there in Kashmir today, which we believe to be the actual tomb of the twin of Jesus.

Now, because Rabbi Jesus and his family were involved in overthrow and the crucifixion… PL: This is the good bloke now we are talking about? TB: Yes, he was the Rabbi. He was there.

He was at the scene. He and his family were banished from Rome and they were set adrift in a ship. This is an extraordinary declaration, simply recorded in ancient The Evidence of the Safed Scroll records as accepted Church history. The ben Panthera legend was The name "ben Stada", given to Jesus in the Talmud, was found so widespread that two early stalwarts of the Christian Church to be paralleled in the ancient Mehgheehlla Scroll, which was dis- inserted the name in the genealogies of Jesus and Mary as a mat- covered by Russian physician D.

Enlarging on that statement, this passage from the Tiberius in and is now called simply "the Safed Scroll".

Talmud: In this old text, there were two brothers called Yeshai and Judas Rabbi Shiemon ben Azzai has said: I found in Jerusalem a ben Halachmee who were the illegitimate twin sons born of a fif- book of genealogies; therein was written that Such-an-one teen-year-old girl called Stadea.

The closeness of the name [Jesus] is the bastard son of an "Stada" in the Talmud to the "Stadea" adulteress. The interesting point Talmud, as has been proved and admit- ted on either side. Shiemon ben Azzai The story of Mary's pregnancy here is that the name "ben Halachmee" was the name of Stadea's flourished at the end of the first century by a Roman soldier also later husband, not the biological father and beginning of the second.

He was one of four famous Rabbis who, appears in the sacred book of her sons.

Bushby, Tony

Unfortunately, no men- tion is made of the real father's name, according to Talmudic tradition, of the Moslems, the Koran. He was a Chassid given to Stadea's illegitimate twin the pious Jews of Palestine , most boys. Halachmee were taken in, raised and The story of Mary's pregnancy by a Roman soldier also appears educated by the religious order of Essene monks. The Essenes in the sacred book of the Moslems, the Koran. It states that "a were a perennial Jewish colony that particularly flourished in full-grown man" forced his attentions on Mary, and in her fear of Judea for some centuries previous to the time ascribed to the New the disgrace that would follow she left the area and bore Jesus in Testament stories.

Subsequently, one of the boys became a stu- secret. This story was supported in the Gospel of Luke, with the dent of Rabbi Hillel's school of philosophy and the other became description of the departure of Joseph and Mary from their home the leader of the Essenes. An older Essene named Joseph was prior to the birth.

Rape was a common event in Palestine during assigned as Yeshai's "religious father" and guardian. It would be unthinkable for Mary to Halachmee's outspoken religious views angered the Jewish admit such an event had occurred, for under the Law of Moses a priests. He was tried by a Roman court on a charge of inciting the betrothed virgin who had sex with any man during the period of people to rebel against the Roman Government.

He was found her betrothal was to be stoned to death by the men of the city guilty and sentenced to death, but escaped, left the area and Deut. Simply put, Mary faced the death penalty unless travelled to India. There is another, lesser-known name Jesus was called during those early years, and that is "Yeshu'a ben Stada" son of Stada. This name is recorded in the records of the Sanhedrin and also in One of the most popular aspects of etymology is the history of the Talmud.

The earlier forms of a name Christian authorities for centuries, is this: are often uncertain, and different dialect pronunciations have led Ben Stada was ben Panthera, Rabbi Chisda said; the hus - to divergent spellings of the same name. The social pressure to band was Stada, the lover Panthera. Another said the hus - use a standard spelling did not emerge until the 18th century, and band was Paphos ben Jehuda; Stada was his mother Jesus and said, "Your mother and your brothers and your sisters Many Hebrew names in the Old Testament are believed to bear are outside asking for you".

Here is a profound truth.

Modern a special significance, as individual subjects originally were Bibles show the three words "and your sisters" to have been called by a name expressive of some characteristic, e. From here onwards, Mary red; Esau, hairy; Jacob, supplanter; and Sarai Sara , from the almost vanished from the Church texts and, apart from an obscure base word sharat.

A similar concept applied in Jewish writings final reference to her in the Acts of the Apostles , she disap- and for a long time confused researchers.

Bible conspiracy theory

Hebrew tradition, the names of the characters "often appear in dis- However, when the name "Mary" in the Gospels was replaced torted form in Rabbinic literature" and were sometimes an attempt with the original Hebrew version, "Mariamne", an historic aspect to disguise their true personality.

Combining the evidence available, the position advanced provided the key that enabled researchers to unlock the true in this book is that Mary, the mother of Jesus in the Gospels, essence of what was really being relayed in ancient writings.

Stadea of the Jewish writings, and Mariamne of the House of "Names research" is an open-ended and complex domain, and Herod were one and the same person.

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In any At the time of the development of the Gospels, Mariamne was study of the New Testament, however, it must be remembered that the younger sister of Herodias and the two girls were an integral the first Gospels were written in Hebrew,20 and part of the vast "family of Herodes" "Herod" this is a vital point in determining who Stadea today. They were the much-loved grand- really was. The Talmud further states the mother of Jesus and his wife, Mariamne I.

Mariamne Herod's that Yeshu'a Jesus ben Panthera's mother "was father was Aristobulus, the son of Herod the also called Miriam, yes, but she was nicknamed in the Gospels, Great, and her mother Berenice was the daugh- Stada Stat-da, this one has turned away, being Stadea of the ter of Herod's sister, Salome. Mariamne also unfaithful [Stat-da] to her husband".

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King Herod himself was into Latin 24 and added that the "original descended from a noble line of kings Hebrew" versions of Matthew's Gospel the House of Herod through his Nabatean mother, Cypros of and the earliest Luke Gospels were written in the Chaldaic language but with Hebrew were one and the Petra.

The Nabateans were a Semitic people letters. The "original Hebrew" version of same person. Owing to its Gospels of today was originally written secure location, Petra was adopted by the "Mariamne" in the Hebrew versions and Nabatean kings as their capital city, and it was sometimes translated as "Miriam".

In four sons, Herod being one. The name "Herod" subsequently the Gospels she is rarely mentioned. In fact, she is not mentioned became the title of seven rulers mentioned in the New Testament by name in the oldest version of the Mark Gospel in the oldest and in Roman history. Nor is she mentioned in the oldest version of the John King Herod was known to the Romans as "the Great", but in the Gospel.

The Church has said that "the reader of the Gospels is at eyes of the people over whom he ruled he was always known as first surprised to find so little about Mary Herod was a Roman citizen, Governor of Galilee by Jesus as an adult.

He was one of important role in the biblical texts and, excluding these, she is the major figures in politics of Palestine in the early years of the mentioned only briefly on three occasions.

Roman Empire. In 7 BC he strangled to death two of his sons, The church presbyters were also silent on Mary. There was Aristobulus and Alexander, drawing a comment from Roman nothing recorded of her, external to the Church, for more than Emperor Augustus 27 BC—14 AD that it was safer to be one of four centuries after the time she was said to have lived.

She had Herod's pigs than one of his sons. Another son was later born to no ancestry or background except in spurious apocrypha. Herod and, for his safety, his mother dispatched him to the care of The earliest documented reference to Mary can be found in the her family in Ariminum, a city near Ravenna in northern Italy.

This narrative refers He was Prince Joseph, the Joseph of Arimathea in the Gospels, to her as simply the earthly mother of several sons and daughters. She, her sister Hyrcanus, a Hasmonean of the earlier Maccabean period. In other and her brothers were descendants of the legitimate Hasmonean words, the Herod family adopted the religion of Judaism.

The dynasty and "carried the Hasmonean blood".

Augustus,33 divorced his wife to marry Herodias who died after We know that Herod the Great was favourable towards the AD 41 to maintain the Nabatean bloodline, but she declined him. Essenes, maybe because they made it their invariable practice to It was Herodias who was involved in the Gospel story of the refrain from disobedience to the political authority. The Jewish beheading of John the Baptist, for which she received a level of historical writer Philo recorded that they had never clashed with notoriety and defamation similar to that of Mary Magdalene.

This was a passive attitude which could not intermarriages and divorces between the Herods and the Romans. Seeing that his time of the birth, and bore twin boys.

Numerous groups of fortunes were rising faster than her husband's, Herodias accepted Essenes existed "all over, as they were a very numerous sect" 37 his hand. She longed for social distinction, and accordingly left and were found in secluded country areas as well as cities.Charles P.

In order to cover this ground, it is necessary to consider the New Testament stories from a different perspective. Encyclopaedia Britannica, ed. TB: Yes. PL: Just to recap, you are saying Jesus had a twin brother, that Mary the mother of Jesus had a number of children and all these things are clearly explained in your book The Bible Fraud. He was there. Have you got any thoughts about a public appearance or lecture tours? From here onwards, Mary red; Esau, hairy; Jacob, supplanter; and Sarai Sara , from the almost vanished from the Church texts and, apart from an obscure base word sharat.

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