Editorial Reviews. Review. `A fascinating meander through the centuries; replete with tales of intrigue, political chicanery, military secrecy and academic rivalry. Compre The Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking ( English Edition) de Simon Singh na Confira também os eBooks . The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography From the best-selling author of Fermat's Last Theorem, The Code Book is a history of.

The Code Book The Secret History Of Codes And Code-breaking

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The Secret History of Codes and Code Breaking. Ever since humans began writing, they have been communicating in code. This obsession with secrecy has . A TV tie-in edition of "The Code Book" filmed as a prime-time five-part Channel 4 series on the history of codes and code-breaking and presented by the author. The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography From the best-selling author of Fermat's Last Theorem, The Code Book is.

Confronted with the prospect of defeat, the Allied cryptanalysts had worked night and day to penetrate German ciphers.

It would appear that fear was the main driving force, and that adversity is one of the foundations of successful codebreaking. In the information age, the fear that drives cryptographic improvements is both capitalistic and libertarian--corporations need encryption to ensure that their secrets don't fall into the hands of competitors and regulators, and ordinary people need encryption to keep their everyday communications private in a free society.

Similarly, the battles for greater decryption power come from said competitors and governments wary of insurrection. The Code Book is an excellent primer for those wishing to understand how the human need for privacy has manifested itself through cryptography.

Singh's accessible style and clear explanations of complex algorithms cut through the arcane mathematical details without oversimplifying. Can't get enough crypto?

Mary, Queen of Scots was put to death by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth, for the high crime of treason after spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham cracked the secret code she used to communicate with her conspirators.

And thus the course of British history was altered by a few sheets of cryptic prose. This is just one link in humankind's evolutionary chain of secret communication, and just one of the fascinating incidents recounted in The Code Book, written by bestselling author Simon Singh.

Combining a superb storyteller's sense of drama and a scientist's appreciation for technical perfection, Singh traces the evolution of secret writing from ancient Greek military espionage to the frontiers of computer science. The result is an epic tale of human ingenuity, with examples that range from the poignant to the peculiar to the world-historical.

A speedier end to a bloody war was the only reward that could be promised to the Allied code breakers of World Wars I and II, whose selfless contributions altered the course of history; but few of them lived to receive any credit for their top-secret accomplishments.

Among the most moving of these stories is that of the World War II British code breaker Alan Turing, who gave up a brilliant career in mathematics to devote himself to the Allied cause, only to end his years punished by the state for his homosexuality, while his heroism was ignored.

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The science of secrecy: The secret history of codes and codebreaking

Since humans began writing, they have also been writing in code. This obsession with secrecy has had dramatic effects on the outcome of wars, monarchies and individual lives. With clear mathematical, linguistic and technological demonstrations of many of the codes, as well as illustrations of some of the remarkable personalities behind them - many courageous, some villainous - The Code Book traces the fascinating development of codes and code-breaking from military espionage in Ancient Greece to modern computer ciphers to reveal how the remarkable science of cryptography has often changed the course of history.

Amongst many extraordinary examples, Simon Singh relates in detail the story of Mary Queen of Scots, trapped by her own code and put to death by Elizabeth I; the strange history of the Beale Ciphers, describing the hidden location of a fortune in gold, buried somewhere in Virginia in the nineteenth century and still not found; and the monumental efforts in code-making and -breaking that so influenced the outcomes of the First and Second World Wars.

Now, with the Information Age bringing the possibility of a truly unbreakable code ever nearer, and cryptography one of the major debates of our times, Singh investigates the challenge that technology has brought to personal privacy today.

Dramatic, compelling and remarkably far-reaching, The Code Book will forever alter your view of history, what drives it and how private your last e-mail really was. Hanselled Books Published: Very Good Edition: Lyric Vibes Condition: A readable copy.

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A science book a day keeps boredom away!

Beautiful collectible copy. Fine ISBN: Library Binding. Good Edition: Reprint ISBN: New York: Doubleday, Dust Jacket Included. Some of his examples are familiar, notably the Allies' decryption of the Nazis' Enigma machine during WWII; less well-known is the crucial role of Queen Elizabeth's code breakers in deciphering Mary, Queen of Scots' incriminating missives to her fellow conspirators plotting to assassinate Elizabeth, which led to Mary's beheading in Singh celebrates a group of unsung heroes of WWII, the Navajo "code talkers," Native American Marine radio operators who, using a coded version of their native language, played a vital role in defeating the Japanese in the Pacific.

He also elucidates the intimate links between codes or ciphers and the development of the telegraph, radio, computers and the Internet.

The Code Book : The Secret History of Codes and Code-Breaking

As he ranges from Julius Caesar's secret military writing to coded diplomatic messages in feuding Renaissance Italy city-states, from the decipherment of the Rosetta Stone to the ingenuity of modern security experts battling cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorists, Singh clarifies the techniques and tricks of code makers and code breakers alike. He lightens the sometimes technical load with photos, political cartoons, charts, code grids and reproductions of historic documents.As the need arises, I have defined the various technical terms used within cryptography.

Those in Peril. The Code Book is about more than just codes. In fact, there must be more than just "something," as most readers have raved about it.

Very Good. This obsession with secrecy has had dramatic effects on the outcome of wars, monarchies and individual lives. Although cryptography is now having a major impact on civilian activities, it should be noted that military cryptography remains an important subject.

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