If a service book is corrupted on the BlackBerry smartphone, email messages might not be sent or received. To correct this, clear the service book database, then. Background. Service books for the BlackBerry Internet Service may need to be sent to the BlackBerry smartphone for one of the following reasons: One of the. If you have a problem sending or receiving email messages, re-sending service books to your BlackBerry® smartphone may resolve the issue.

Service Book Blackberry 9900

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Once logged in, under Settings, click the link for Service Books, then select From your Blackberry, go to Options, select Advanced Options. Some of my service books is missing according to the internet. i phoned The BlackBerry Internet Service service books are named after the. This often fixes issues with receiving email and other data connection issues on your BlackBerry (BB). If you re having other issues with your phone or device.

In the Are You Sure? Click Device. Click Advanced System Settings. Click Service Book. Task 2 - Clear the service book database Complete the following steps to clear the service book database: Make sure that the smartphone is connected to the computer. On the Backup and Restore window, click Advanced.

In the list of smartphone databases, select Service Book , then click Clear. Click OK in the Warning window. Click Close. Disconnect the smartphone from the computer and perform a hard reset.

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For instructions, see Article For BlackBerry Desktop Software 6. Click Delete Data in the list. Choose Selected Data.

Task 3 - Restore the service book database If the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is configured to interact with the user's BlackBerry Enterprise Server account, the service books can be easily restored by disconnecting the smartphone from the computer, waiting 5 seconds, and then reconnecting the smartphone. From the Home screen of the smartphone, click Options it may be located under the Settings folder.

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Click Advanced Options. Click Host Routing Table. Click OK. From the Home screen of the smartphone, click Options. There are also paid activesync services: AstraSync and NotifySync. Based on my experience, and that of others in this thread, Smartmail no longer works with SSL, and PicoMail appears to be dead. Web Browser: Opera Mini 8.


Alternatively, you can install the Anworm service books to get the built-in browser working over a data connection.

See the browser page for more information.

Maps: Google Maps 3. Podcasts: Podtrapper 2. Install the Anworm service books for the browser to use Facebook over a cellular data connection.

Browser shortcuts. You can use these on a WiFi connection immiediately. If you install the Anworm service books for the browser, you will also be able to use them over cellular data.

The OTA apps are available via websites. For OTA apps, use a browser to search for and navigate to the download links, and click on the link to install. Some of the OTA software is no longer supported by or available from the creator, but all of the apps listed above can be found online as of February If a download does not install using the BlackBerry browser, you may need to use Opera Mini to download the app.

The usual warnings about downloading software from untrusted sources and compromising your device security apply. If you install apps from websites, you have to take responsibility for the potential results.

Over time, it will become more difficult to find many of these apps. If you know of others, please submit them to the original thread over at CrackBerry.

The simplest solution: Use the BlackBerry Desktop software. This requires you to connect your phone to your computer via USB cable or bluetooth, which means synchronization only occurs when you do it manually. It has the advantage of being very secure and private. The link cannot be posted without crashing this site.

The BlackBerry Desktop software can be downloaded here. You need the bit version of Outlook or if you want to use BlackBerry Desktop to sync your Outlook data with your Bold BlackBerry Desktop does work with earlier bit versions of Outlook. Configuration hints: the original Facebook app not the newer browser-based app installs a calendar service book that can interfere with calendar syncing. I also experienced trouble establishing a reliable two-way sync.

Fixing the problem involved deleting all of the calendar, contact, task, and memo entries from my device, selecting "forget my device" in BlackBerry Desktop, and then reconnecting the device and re-entering the organizer sync settings.

Delete and resend BlackBerry® Service Books - (BES)

If you do this, make sure you have your data backed up somewhere else hopefully in Outlook before proceeding.Email Filters Your email filters can affect whether or not you receive all of your messages on the Bold smartphone. Use the BlackBerry Desktop software.

Step 7 of 15 Delete service books Tap Delete. After all service books are deleted, resend the service books from your Cloud Office Control Panel.

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I also experienced trouble establishing a reliable two-way sync.

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